I am a woman devoted to the feminine mystical path. I am an artist, sometimes poet, sometimes dancer, sometimes singer. My body is my temple. I choose to be a part of our grand planetary awakening. Enjoy life with me as I eternally deepen my love and broaden my humanity. I call upon all women to return to the temple of their bodies. Bring Heaven to Earth.

My blog is dedicated to share Shakti, so you will not find here perfectly explained theories about universe, but it will for sure leave you inspired. I am posting my contemplations, pictures as well as art of other shining souls. Feminine includes and I don’t believe I can do this alone. I found that esoteric concepts are best shared through poetry so I will share a lot of poetic stories.

Such is the way of life that speaks deeply to my heart: “Bauls were Gnostic Shamans – they walked the same dreampaths as Yeshua and Magdalene, and many others, who had left the highly ritualized Goddess Temples, who had left the strictures of the Synagogues, to walk the Way of Love.

Bauls have no scriptures, no churches, no temples. They travel along paths of ecstasy and freedom, nature is their church, the human body their temple.

Their most prized possession is their musical instrument, and dancing, poetry, singing, drumming, celebrating, feasting, love-making is their religion.

The Baul word for God is Adhar Manush – the essential man. The primal human being, who embodies the biological blueprint of creation, our Original Innocence.

For Bauls, the journey to God is the journey back to the Original Innocence of primal man and woman – the ending is the beginning. Here God-state is natural.” thefountainoflife.org




  1. Red
    January 1, 2018

    How do I learn more of your work and process?

  2. Avah
    January 1, 2018

    Hi RED,

    I have just been thinking that I would love to work with you some time in the near future as I found you through Sofia Sundari website:) Your pictures are breathtaking.

    I still mostly consider myself a student and slowly when the timing is right will hopefully emerge as a teacher. I will be sharing through this blog and invite you to visit from time to time.

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