I’m free in you

I feel it all

Continue to dig this hole

With a hint of rock’n’roll.

We’re in a place

Where everybody wants to go

But has not enough courage to grow.

Nothing impossible that’s our mission

Rolling with rock

Pop soul jazz funk rhythm and blues and hip hop


We’re born anew now fresh

You make me weak shiver my flesh

Different place still together 2 times in a row

Always with some hint of rock’n’roll. 

Still wanna be your doll

Living on the edge

Being your sage savage

Dictate the next stage

Put me to your stroll

Add a hint of rock’n’roll

Make me a slave to your soul.

We rock and we roll.

Once and for all. Avah


Photo by Agnieszka Strawa Muse Avah

Avah Written by:

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