I dreamt about you some time ago, you were crying…

I dreamt about me in the ocean some time later, I was sinking…

The creation of your tears…my tears

Neither we’re alive nor dead
To emptiness it compares
We lost ourselves again
Though for a while, for a piece of eternity
I was truly yours… you
A long lost home
Familiar, yet unknown

I broke all my rules
Betrayed sisterhood
This lifetime supposed to be different
Zero point
But you did it again, played my heart
Spoke the words of feminine judgement
Refused the power of a Goddess
Your mirror was my sadness

Psychological abuse by masculine you
Ageism, sexism, war, control, rape
Mind creating a survival game
Ego to strong to fade
Finite body of a woman more important than eternal soul
The decision you made
I couldn’t hear this tongue foul

I just wanted to be with you
Allow the Spirit to come through
Without unnecessary deeds or words
Feel our entangled divine cords
All your shoulds and musts
Weakened my trust
My love went to fast

You wanted more women
Not a new male phenomenon
Mixed sacred energy
Stopped flow of infinity
Didn’t appreciate what you’ve got
Threw away gift to dust
So consumed with your own lust
Our bond couldn’t last

So I cry, so I die… Is there any hope for a new world?
Which one is true, which one to chose?
I’m still… striving for Zion
Twin Flames, Union
The Love of Conquering Lion.


Art by ED Freeman

Avah Written by:

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