I am whole, you are whole too…



In orthodox religions women are considered to be sinful. Since the dawn of patriarchy we are split into two main archetypes eve and lilith – nice and obedient wife and rebellious whore. Unfortunately, many men help perpetuating this split in the feminine psyche by having a wife and a mistress. I’ve always been struggling with this split, never felt comfortable with it… I feel a whole woman… I am  both.. and more. I am a girl, wife, mistress, whore, virgin. I am a priestess, amazon and a goddess. I am a whitch and a queen. I am the one and the many… The paradox, the destroyer of illusion and the fulfiller of desire… I am pure energy that expresses what’s needed in the moment. I am love… Forever changing… Lasting…






A wonderful perspective on a woman to contemplate:

“How delicious an instrument is woman, when artfully played upon; how capable is she of producing the most exquisite harmonies, of executing the most complicated variations of love, and giving the most Divine of erotic pleasures.” ANANGA RANGA



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