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I did #25saladsin25dayschallange. You can find recipes for all 25 salads on my youtube channel: Avah Temple. Every single salad tastes differently so the challange never gets you bored. It’s amazing how your body and your mood changes when you start to eat fresh and healthy food. As you get more sattvic food, which is: nuts, grains, most fruits and all vegetables that grow above the ground, your creative juices start to flow. Sattvic food is also recommended for spiritual freaks. I recently started to dance, take pictures and write poetry again. what a coincidence? Or maybe not, maybe our diet has a great influence on our life. I leave you with a great quote from “the alchemy of ecstasy” – book written by Nick Douglas and Penny Slinger:

According to Yogic texts, the taste of food has a direct effect on the feelings and sentiments and subtly influences the Spirit. One combination of tastes can cause elation and eroticism, while another can cause irritability or anger. The relationship between “taste” and “feelings” has been researched over a period of two thousand years, as well as expounded by Yogis, who have observed their bodily processes in a heightened state of awareness. Since we know that individuals vary in their temperaments, it seems logical to take this temperamental diversity into account in any study of nutrition. Yogis consider a finely tuned nutritional balance of great help in the achievement of spiritual development and, ultimately, Liberation.


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