“There she was. She’s been there all the time, I had been too busy making faces, so folks would like me. I’ve never seen her. There she was…” said Josephine Baker when she finally saw her feminine essence, her beauty and her glory.

We women all have that moment. First we try to please others, think that we are not enough, that we are lacking something. It’s not our fault, we were conditioned to think like that. Our society bombards us with such massaging from all around. But if we stop running around, slow down and truly see ourselves, start to pleasure and listen to our bodies, our goddess slowly starts to emerge and trust us again. This is the moment when miracles start happening. We slowly are surrendering to our true divine nature. And our surrender is also like suicide, suicide of the past. It is a little bit scary, but deep down we know it’s something good, something that we waited a very long time to unleash. We are suddenly free, our creative juices allow us to choose the future that we desire. But we need to listen to ourselves, nobody else but ourselves.

Have you had that moment? This is a true initiation into womanhood. Please share, I am so curious about you all beautiful ladies. I have had that moment in the shower when I was 21. I remember clearly how I started to bathe my body with more care, more attention and something clicked, there was an ecstasy and feeling of freedom followed. It became an experience of bathing a goddess. Since that moment I am a different person for sure. I have a bigger appreciation for human form. Before I was trying to be the skinniest I could be, tortured myself with discipline, diets, exercises, but since that moment I love my body. I enjoy it, no matter if it has 2 inches more in my waist or less. I know that only through my body I can experience all that is most beautiful here on earth, the god pulsating through me. The changes didn’t stop with my body though, they spread into my whole life. The more I dive deep into the body and clear tense spaces, the more liberated my psyche is too.


shot by Agnieszka Strawa

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